The Ancient Farmhouse

The house was built in 1891 and has a square floor plan. When you enter you find an old stone pavement. From here you see the original stone stairs that lead to the rooms. On the ground floor, an old cellar with a vaulted ceiling has been transformed into a beautiful kitchen featuring a bell's sink carved from a single piece of marble.

There is a large common lounge, expertly restored, overlooking the ancient courtyard of the farm. The room has a large fireplace and wooden beams - a perfect setting for relaxing in a chair or at the table or working on a computer (Wi-Fi provided).

Thanks to careful restoration, the house was brought back to life between 2010 and 2012 by Paolo and Daniela. The restoration was characterized by great respect for the original house.
The stones and all the original materials have been preserved and enhanced. Pastel colors are used throughout the house and blend nicely with the different tones of stone, wood, and terra cotta tile. Today the house is a structure that offers its guests an atmosphere of Chianti-style contemporary comfort.